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Plating Resists - XZ34 & XZ55 Plating Resists

Plating is the most complex process associated with circuit production by screen printing.

The formulation of a plating resist is critical; Plating Resists must:

  • Withstand long plating periods in either acid or alkaline baths and various pre-cleaning processes.
  • Not contaminate plating baths and afterwards must be readily removable in either organic solvents or aqueous solutions.
  • Be capable of very fine print definition; i.e. capable of producing circuit patterns with tracks and gaps of between 200 - 250m. (8-10 mil.).

Product Features:

  • Comply with RoHS, WEEE
  • UL Listed
  • All raw materials used within Europe comply with the REACH regulations
  • All of the versions within the Imagecure soldermask range meet IPC test standards as a minimum, with some versions also carrying NASA Outgassing and Major Automotive approvals