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AR602 is a developable organic bottom anti-reflectant for use in both KrF and ArF applications. It is designed for improved performance of critical implant layers while minimizing the negative effects of other implant solutions.

Pack Sizes and Applications:





  • KrF
  • ArF

Features and Benefits:

  • AR602 has excellent reflection control and improves profile and CDU concerns of a traditional top anti-reflectant coating (TARC)
  • AR602 eliminates the need for a BARC open etch, minimizing substrate damage and reducing additional process steps compared to traditional bottom anti-reflectant coatingIt has been formulated to work with a wide range of KrF and ArF photoresistsActing as a chemical barrier between photoresist and substrate, it presents a common substrate for all layersAR602 has a tunable dissolution rate; It can be optimised by cure temperature and develop timeIt is available in one dilution: AR602-510, which is formulated for coatings in the range of 450–600Å over reflective substrates