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MICROPOSIT Remover 1112A

MICROPOSIT Remover 1112A is an aqueous alkaline remover supplied as a ready-to-use concentrate or for use in formulating custom dilutions.

Pack Sizes and Applications:

4 X 4


  • Photomasks
  • Optoelectronic displays
  • Thin film circuits
  • Microelectronics

Material Features:

  • It is designed to strip photoresist coatings on photomasks, optoelectronic displays, thin film circuits, and other microelectronic devices
  • For a significant number of applications, the less concentrated option Microposit Remover 111A may be desired
  • It has efficient clean removal properties offering residue-free removal with less agitation
  • It is Metal Ion-free, reducing the risk of device contamination and making it ideal for mask cleaning
  • It rinses completely in water, no strong odour, simple replenishment a cost-effective two bath system, enabling ease of operation
  • The aqueous mixtures are ideal for addressing specific applications