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PermiNex® 2000

PermiNex® 2000 is an epoxy based, photoimageable bonding resist used as an adhesive layer for the definition and capping of cavity structures such as BAW, SAW, microfluidic devices, and others, where critical alignment, low temperature processing and high bond quality are desired. PermiNex® 2000 is available in four standard viscosities allowing film thicknesses of 1 to > 25 μm to be achieved in a single coat and is developed in a conventional alkaline developer (TMAH).

Pack Sizes and Applications:







  • Definition and capping of cavity structures
  • BAW and SAW devices
  • MEMS, MOEMS, microfluidics

Material Attributes:

  • It has an i-line imaging ratio aspect up to 3:1
  • It is an alkaline and solvent-developable series
  • Suitable for processing at low temperature (< 200⁰C)
  • It offers high quality, void-free bonding
  • It provides excellent adhesion to silicon and glass