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MRT Webinar: Pushing Deep Greyscale Lithography
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Welcome to the latest MRT webinar  - Pushing Deep Greyscale Lithography Beyond 100 µm Pattern Depth with a Novel Photoresist.

The fourth "MRT webinar - Meet the Experts" in 2023 - our free online seminar series.

In this webinar we will showcase a novel photoresist prototype specifically dedicated to enable greyscale lithography of very deep patterns up to 120 µm, with the prospect of even deeper patterns. Issues limiting the pattern depth caused by the photoresist chemistry were addressed with a well-considered choice of photoresist ingredients, but also with adjustments of the corresponding lithography process. With these results, we push the capabilities of greyscale lithography when it is applied to manufacture complex 2.5D and freeform microstructures in photoresists which serve as master for the pattern transfer into materials for permanent applications, often used in micro-optics.

The online event series has been offered monthly by micro resist technology since 2021. Each one hour webinar consists of a presentation by one of our specialist colleagues or partner, followed by a moderated questions and answers with the specialist.

Please join us for the online seminar. More information and a constantly updated webinar agenda can be found here:

We are looking forward meeting you again, online!