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At A-Gas Electronic Materials, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality products, whilst ensuring that our suppliers minimise environmental damage throughout their business processes and products.

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A‑Gas Electronic Materials is a distributor, supplying specialist chemicals and processes to Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, Electronic/Industrial Metal Finishing, Photovoltaic and Advanced Packaging Technologies.

In addition to this, A-Gas Electronic Materials aim to provide our customers with high-quality products, whilst ensuring that our suppliers minimise environmental damage throughout their business processes and products.

Our specialty chemicals are manufactured by the suppliers listed below:

Alufinish has been successfully engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of products for the surface treatment of metals for over 50 years. With five decades of experience, Alufinish also ensures it is compliant with legal regulations and requirements for environmental protection.

Cipel Distribution SA provide a wide range of products and equipment for the electronic industry. Alongside their partners, Cipel constantly evolve their products to meet their customers’ requirements.

D J Microlaminates develops and markets innovative dry film resist materials for a variety of MEMS, plating molds, multilayer microfluidics structures, medical devices, wafer-level packaging processes and displays.

DuPont works side-by-side with market leaders to drive innovation in semiconductors, water purification, personal protection and more.

Entegris are a global company working with leading manufacturers to enable ongoing advancement in technology. Entegris’ highly skilled team members, facilities and resources are right where customers need them, helping to solve the most advanced technological challenges.

Eternal established in 1964, provide the best quality service to their customers, with a constant focus and determination towards their Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainable development is the business philosophy of Eternal Group. They are committed to complying with regulations and implementing policies, whilst ensuring they have full participation in continuous improvement and persuing the safe production and development of green products.

Founded in 1973, Elga specialise in the research, development and manufacturing of products for the dry film industry, chemical milling and special applications. It also specialises in auxiliary products like degreasing and anti-foaming agents. Elga has dedicated their efforts to technological development and progression. This increase in quality production has enabled them to maintain sustainable growth and continue to offer multiple benefits to their customers.

Foster Chemicals GmbH offers a wide range of products for the treatment of surfaces. Their strengths include the development of products according to customer specifications. Their product development encompasses both technological and economic aspects.

Hendor PE stands for high quality and durable relationships. They manufacture products designed to have a long lifetime, taking their environmental impact into account. They deliver customised or standard solutions to optimally serve their customers. Thanks to their resources, Hendor guarantees a short delivery time for big and small production sessions.

Kayaku Advanced Materials  provide Chemical solutions for MEMS and Microelectronics and Functional Electronic inks From development through to production, Kayaku are focused on meeting the demands of the technology markets, without compromising their high standard and quality.

Metalor provides innovative solutions in precious metal plating, powders and flakes, as well as chemicals, compounds, and plating equipment. Their core activities focus on the application of metallisation technologies to serve and support customers operating in a broad range of markets: electronics, aeronautics, automotive, decorative, photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals and biocides.

Mercene Labs' mission is to help their customers achieve unparalleled product performance and efficiency in their manufacturing processes. They use their expertise in photochemistry and coatings technology to provide solutions that optimise adhesion performance, and improve overall yield in the coating cycle.

Micro Resist Technology GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies for innovative photoresists, polymers and photopolymers, whilst offering a wide range of specialised products for today’s key technologies.

MPC Pulse is a key player in the plating industry, providing solutions to implement new technologies in the fields of electroplating for electronics and industrial finishes. An owner of several patents in its fields, MPC Pulse provides a wide range of products and services all over the world.

PAVCO  has been a leading developer and supplier of chemistries for the metal finishing industry since 1948. They strive to offer numerous value-added service advantages that allow the most efficient and enjoyable supplier-customer relationship possible.

Sun Chemical is a leading producer of printing inks, coatings, adhesives and supplies, pigments, masterbatches, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds and application materials.

Trimite Global Coatings are a major supplier to the UK, Ireland and global industrial coatings and pretreatment markets. They supply materials under their name, and are also a major toll manufacturer for other coatings companies.

Yamamoto MS is a specialised manufacturer of plating testers and analysers who seek to swiftly provide useful tools and support to customers who are constantly striving to develop new technology.