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Industry Memberships
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At A-Gas Electronic Materials, we pride ourselves on recognition, both internally and externally, which is why we are thrilled to be recognised by, and members of, so many industry organisations and trade associations.

We see our membership of these organisations as vital; being affiliated with these businesses enables us to connect with fellow industry suppliers and manufacturers, and means that we are well represented when it comes to regulatory evolution.

Each of these groups offer something unique to A-Gas Electronic Materials, whether that be supporting us through legislative change or providing valuable workshops and seminars. Membership helps us maximise our impact within the electronics industry.

Below are details on the current industry memberships held at A-Gas Electronic Materials.

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Surface Engineering Association

As a trade association, the Surface Engineering Association (SEA) endeavours to give its members a voice in areas surrounding legislation and government that affect their ability to produce and successfully compete in an increasingly global market. The SEA works tirelessly to offer its members the very best advice and assistance in all aspects of their activities.

White text reading "SEA Surface Engineering Technology" white a red line and dark blue circle on a white background
Chemical Business Association

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) is the voice of the UK chemical supply chain. The CBA represents a wide range of businesses, from distributors and traders to manufacturers and blenders, as well as logistics and service providers.

Three Key Services Offered by the CBA:
Advocacy for Businesses - The Chemical Business Association has effective working relationships with regulators and legislators and plays an active role in the European Association for Chemical Distributors (Fecc).

Compliance Information and Advice - It provides thorough information and proactive advice in helping businesses remain industry-compliant. It keeps its members fully briefed on regulatory and legislative changes, and helps them minimise the costs of compliance.

Seminars and Workshops - The CBA offers need-to-know information and support through an established programme of seminars and workshops.  It has also made a commitment to deliver compliance training on demand to its member companies, subject to its economic viability and co-ordination with events already scheduled.

Green and blue text reading "100 Years 1923-2023 Chemical Business Association" on a white background
National Microelectronics Institute

The National Microelectronics Institute (NMI) supports the established semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain communities with activities that encourage innovation, communication and collaboration.

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Institute of Circuit Technology

The Institute of Circuit Technology was established in 1974. Since then, it has successfully provided technology-based training and seminars to the UK's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technologists and engineers, keeping them up to speed with developments in the industry.

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