• Jonathan Sellars - MD of A-Gas Electronic Materials
    03 August 2018

    A-Gas Electronic Materials acquires Elga Europe

    A-Gas Electronic Materials have acquired all the assets of Elga Europe of Daventry in Northamptonshire. Elga Europe are the sole dry film distributor of Ordyl film in the UK – used extensively in printed circuit board manufacturing and currently produced and slit in Milan at Elga Srl.

    A-Gas Electronic Materials are based at Rugby, Warwickshire. A-Gas EM Managing Director Jon Sellars said: “We are delighted that Elga Europe are now part of the A-Gas stable and this purchase is a significant milestone for our business. The Ordyl product complements our existing dry film portfolio and places us as the number one distributor for dry film in the UK.

  • Maturolife partners
    12 July 2018

    A-Gas EM attend Maturolife 6 month review meeting in Coventry University

    A-Gas EM joins all of the consortium partners at the Maturolife 6 month review meeting in Coventry University

  • News
    13 April 2018

    Jonathan Sellars and Dr Chris Pugh visit IDtechEX in Berlin

    A-Gas Electronic Materials attended the IDTechEx show in Berlin on behalf of the Horizon 2020 funded project Maturolife - website : www.maturolife.eu or @maturolife on twitter.

  • News
    27 March 2018


    ETERTEC® PR8200Y1 is a yellow material with haze colour which is supplied in roll form. The
    photopolymer layer is coated as a defect free film and is available in thicknesses.
    PR8209Y1 (23±2um),
    PR8212Y1 (30±2um)
    PR8215Y1 (38±2um)

    The product has the following attributes

    • Excellent flexibility and low warpage / sharp memory
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Low light bleed characteristics
    • Wide process latitude
    • Compatible with No clean and aqueous based fluxes and solder pastes
  • news
    09 February 2018

    MPC - New inorganic analysis Online

    Do you want to automatically control your Copper and Acid concentrations in your electroplating bath?

  • News
    05 February 2018

    A-Gas EM features in the CRUPPAIL Spring Newsletter

    CRUPPAIL: Cadmium Replacement Using Pulse Plating And Ionic Liquids

  • News
    25 January 2018

    A-Gas EM travels to Brussels for the Maturolife project.

    A-Gas EM attends the Kick-off meeting in Brussels at the European Commission. 

  • news
    23 January 2018

    innoLAE 4th Annual Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference

    A-Gas EM attends the innolAE annual conference at the Genome Campus in Cambridge UK.

  • News
    15 January 2018

    A -Gas EM feature in the IMF - International Journal of Surface Engineering and Coating

    A-Gas EM feature in the 2018 edition of IMF's international journal for engineering and coatings.