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    16 October 2017

    Benjamin Mogg Exhibits in India

    Benjamin Mogg Exhibits at the 3rd ISSE national Conference in India.

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    29 September 2017

    A-Gas Rapid Recovery RAC Cooling Awards Winners

    A‑Gas Rapid Recovery brought home two awards, Refrigeration Product of the Year (Component, Accessory or Services) and Retail Initiative of the Year.

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    01 September 2017

    DowDuPont Merger Sucessfully Completed

    Today, Dow and Dupont are proud to announce the completion of the DowDuPont merger. This marks a significant milestone in the storied histories of both companies.

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    01 September 2017

    A-Gas EM achieved the SQAS accreditation

    We're excited to announce that A-Gas Electronic Materials has successfully achieved the Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS) accreditation and are now accredited to the new ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards.


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    22 August 2017

    CRUPPAIL - Developing novel processes for the plating industry

    The CRUPPAIL project will deliver a new chemical process that can plate zinc-nickel, but match the technical properties of cadmium. 

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    26 June 2017

    Applications in smart textiles

    Coventry University works with NPL on metallising textiles using A-Gas EM's electroless copper.


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    13 June 2017

    Dow Electronic Materials to give a presentation at the SUR/FIN 2017 trade show in Atlanta

    Dow Electronic Materials is proud to announce that Dr. Krishna Balantrapu will give a presentation on their exciting new ink jet resist technology at the SUR/FIN 2017 trade show in Atlanta.


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    30 May 2017

    Dow Electronic Materials - Cleaning Up PCB Final Finish

    Dow Electronic Materials - Cleaning Up PCB Final Finish: Cyanide-Free ENIG Coatings

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    11 May 2017

    IDTechEx Show! Opening Berlin 2017 | Printed Electronics World

    Benjamin Mogg and Chris Pugh attend the IDTechEx Show in Berlin. Connecting emerging technologies with Global Brands.

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    08 May 2017

    2017 Huawei UK Partner Convention

    Jon Sellars attends 2017 Huawei UK Partner Convention. The theme of this event will be Building a Better Ecosystem.

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