• News
    04 May 2021

    Maturolife - Integrating E-Textiles into Assistive Technology

    Horizon2020 closing online event “Integrating E-Textiles into Assistive Technology"

  • News
    04 May 2021

    Kayaku present "bi-layer lift-off resist process optimisation of insulator film for neural probe fabrication"

    Kayaku Advanced Materials present at the ASMC Conference on May 10-12 2021. This presentation is "bi-layer lift-off resist process optimisation of insulator film for neural probe fabrication"

  • Merry Christmas
    18 December 2020

    Christmas Shutdown

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • News
    20 October 2020

    Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

    A-Gas EM confirm that we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19

  • News
    01 September 2020

    DJ MicroLaminates launches new website

    DJ MicroLaminates website has been re-designed to offer significantly more tips, tricks and technical data for processing their thin and thick film products through a totally restructured and increased Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Application pages. 

  • News
    10 August 2020

    DuPont Reports Second Quarter 2020 Results

    Dupont is the largest supplier to a-Gas EM. In this news item, we showcase their second-quarter results for 2020

  • News
    28 July 2020

    CHASM Launches Strategic Business Unit and Appoints Vice President

    CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc, inventor of AgeNT™ – the leading ITO alternative for transparent printed electronics – announced today the formation of a business unit dedicated to the company's printed electronics offerings and the appointment of Daniel Skiba as vice president to lead the organization. As part of the company's expanded executive management team, Skiba will report to CHASM's co-founder and CEO, David J. Arthur.

  • News
    07 July 2020

    EU funded project Maturolife holds month 30 review online

    The EU Horizon 2020 funded project Maturolife was due to hold its 30-month review in Paris (Hosted by Bertin Aubert Industries)

  • News
    02 July 2020

    Innovations in Greyscale Photoresists for 3D micro- and nanostructures

    Technology innovations in greyscale lithography are currently fueled by the need to manufacture three-dimensional structures at micro and nanometer scale.

  • News
    01 July 2020

    A-Gas EM sign EU trade open letter to the Prime Minister