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    17 January 2020

    A-Gas Electronic Materials exhibit at Innolae 2020

    A-Gas Electronic Materials will be attending and exhibiting at the 6th annual Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference (innoLAE 2020).
    This will be held at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK on 21-22 January 2020

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    06 December 2019

    New supplier added to A-Gas EM portfolio

    A-Gas EM are delighted to announce that we entered into a distribution partnership with Mercene Labs. This further enhances our portfolio for the requirements of micro-fluidics and lab on chips

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    07 November 2019

    Printed Electronics: IDTechEx Research Reviews the Defining Trends in 2019

    IDTechEx report reveals 5 defining trends for Printed Electronics in 2019

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    07 November 2019

    Semiconductors back to growth in 2020

    Recent semiconductor market forecasts call for 2019 to decline about 13% to 15%. Forecasts for 2020 are in a relatively narrow range, from 4.8% by WSTS to 8% by Semiconductor Intelligence. For 2021, IHS Markit projects accelerating growth to 10% from 6% in 2020. Semiconductor Intelligence forecast is for slightly slower growth in 2021 of 7% compared to 8% in 2020.

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    25 October 2019

    Join the maturolife community

    Join the Horizon 2020 funded "Maturolife" community by subscribing to the MATUROLIFE project news. Only news, events and consultations about the project will be shared with you.

  • News
    21 October 2019

    Second hand lab stock for sale

    A-Gas EM has second hand lab stock available for sale - For further details please click the Read Article link

  • New
    21 October 2019

    Labconco Precise HEPA filtered glove box for sale

    A-Gas EM has a Labconco Precise HEPA filtered glove box for sale from its laboratory - For further details please click the Read Article link.

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    08 October 2019

    A-Gas attend Maturolife meeting in IFTH Paris

    A-Gas attend Maturolife meeting in IFTH Paris to discuss move from lab testing to pilot line testing.

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    20 September 2019

    MPC CVSmart + Dosmart

    MPC launch new CVSmart + Dosmart. 

    The CVSmart® is a lab CVS analyser. It can be used to measure the organic additives concentrations in your plating bath (Acid Copper or Acid Tin).

    The CVSmart® can be used in conjunction with an auto dosing syringe system the DOSmart®. This system allow the CVSmart® unit to automatically make the additions of the reagents during the CVS analysis.

  • Safetember 2019
    04 September 2019

    Safetember 2019 at A-Gas EM

    Safetember is here, a month where A-Gas EM celebrates its Spot-On Zero Harm culture!