Electrolytic Coppers

  • Copper Gleam BL

    The Copper Gleam BL process produces deposits with the following characteristics: 1. High degree of levelling (dependent from agitation) 2. Brilliant brightness 3. Good throwing power 4. High ductility 5. Deposits may be over plated 6. Does not contain alcohol 7. Does not contain pigments 8. In normal cases only 2 additives are required Due to the high degree of levelling and brightness of the deposit the plating time is reduced considerably resulting in economic advantages such as lower additive consumption and reduced energy costs.

  • Copper Gleam CLX

    Copper Gleam CLX is designed for use in the bright acid copper plating of printed circuit boards.

  • Copper Gleam DL 900

    The dye containing decorative copper plating process, Copper Gleam DL 900 acid copper is mainly designed for rack plating applications to obtain mirror bright and highly levelled copper deposits.

  • Copper Gleam RG10 HS

    Copper Gleam RG 10 is a copper electrolyte based on Methane Sulfonic Acid which produced semi-bright deposit. Copper Gleam RG 10 is especially suitable for reel-to-reel application. High applicable current density and good bath stability in high temperature range distinguish this process.

  • Copper Gleam XL 180.pdf

    Copper Gleam XL 180 is a bright acid copper plating process. It is capable of producing bright, ductile copper deposits with a high degree of leveling.