• Cuprotec 3

    CUPROTEC 3 is a process designed to prevent the tarnishing of copper and copper based alloys by atmospheric corrosion.

  • Oxyban 60

    Oxyban 60 Copper Anti-Tarnish is a concentrated acid solution designed to prevent oxidation of copper surfaces by reacting with the active copper surface to form an invisible film. OXYBAN 60 Copper Anti-Tarnish treatment promotes the adhesion of dry film photoresists to the copper and helps prevent resist breakdown in pattern plating.

  • Pore Blocker 100

    PORE BLOCKER™ 100 CONCENTRATE is a water soluble pore-blocker process concentrate designed for the protection of gold, silver, or copper plated surfaces.

  • Pore Blocker 200

    PORE BLOCKER™ 200 water soluble post treatment process is designated for the protection of a thin layer of gold against discolouration due to corrosion.