Alternative Oxide

  • Circubond Treatment 2218

    CIRCUBOND™ TREATMENT 2218 is a peroxide-sulfuric-based etch that produces a uniform, highly textured and passivated surface coating on copper innerlayers that provides excellent adhesion promotion in subsequent lamination processes.

  • Circubond Cleaner 140

    CIRCUBOND™ CLEANER 140 is a low-foaming, alkaline-spray cleaner that can be used in both vertical and horizontal processing prior to the CIRCUBOND™ TREATMENT PROCESS.

  • Circubond Pre-dip 2217

    CIRCUBOND™ PRE-DIP 2217 is a solution designed to provide a surface compatible with the CIRCUBOND™ TREATMENT 2218 BATH, protect the bath from drag-in of contaminants, and can be used in both vertical and horizontal processing.