Other Developers

  • SU-8 Developer

  • PN1000 Developer

  • Developer DS3000

    Solvent based developer for photosentive films for puddle development / batch immersion.

  • Microposit Developer

  • EC Solvent

    Microposit EC Solvent is part of the Microposit Positive Photoresist System and is optimised to satisfy industry requirements in advanced IC device fabrication. It offers significantly reduced health risk over commonly used resist solvent systems.

  • EC Solvent 11

    Microposit EC solvent 11 is engineered to eliminate the photoresist edge bead that occurs during typical spin coat wafer processing.

    Removing the edge bead immediately after photoresist coating reduces the particulate associated defects caused by subsequent wafer processing.

    Microposit EC Solvent 11 can also be used to clean and purge photoresist dispense lines and spinner cup bowls.

  • MIBK:IPA series

  • KMSF® Developer