Bonding Adhesive

  • PermiNex® 1000 and 2000

    PermiNex® 1000 and 2000 resists are epoxy-based, photo-imageable bonding resist used as an
    adhesive layer for the definition and capping of cavity structures such as BAW, SAW, microfluidic
    devices, and others, where critical alignment, low temperature processing and high bond quality
    are desired.

  • PMMA

    PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a versatile polymetric material that is well suited for many imaging and non-imaging microelectronic applications. PMMA is most commonly used as a high resolution positive resist for direct write e-beam as well as x-ray and deep UV microlithographic processes. PMMA is also used as a protective coating for wafter thinning, as a bonding adhesive and as a sacrificial layer.