DUV Exposure

  • UVN30

    UVN30 is a negative-tone photoresist for DUV, X-ray, and e-beam applications. This resist is targeted for fast throughput device production rules down to 150 nm. Nested lines/spaces, isolated lines, posts, and contacts can be resolved with wide process windows. Minimal PEB sensitivity, insensitivity to airborne contaminants, and superior metal etch resistance are only some of the properties UVN30 offers. Recommended substrates include polysilicon, 300Å capped SiON, and Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials’ organic anti-reflection coating. UVN30 has been optimized for 0.26N developers.

  • UV 135

    UV135 is an advanced gate resist for use across multiple pitches using a binary mask.

  • UV 210

    UV 210 is a multipurpose resist that can be utilized for gate, phase shift mask contact holes, and trench applications in the 180-130 nm CD range. 

  • UV 53G

    UV53G is a positive, lightly-dyed, high temperature KrF photointerest for high-resolution, mid-implant applications. This product features low iso-dense bias, and outstanding isolated trench performance.


    UVIII Positive DUV Photoresist is optimized to provide wide process latitude for <0.250 pm lines / spaces and contact hole applications. The post-exposure delay stability and extended shelf life of UVII are derived from the high activation energy chemical platform employed. 

  • UV5

    UV5 positive DUV photoresist has been optimized to provide verticle profile imaging of isolated and semi-dense features for device production design rules to 150 mm. 

  • UV1116

    UV1116 is a High Temperature, Positive DUV Consolidation Photoresist suitable for Line/Space, Trench, and CH/Via applications. UV1116 gives excellent resolution across all FEOL & BEOL feature types resulting in large process windows..

  • UV60

    UV™60 is a positive DUV photoresist designed for consolidation of implant, metal contact hole, and via applications for 200 nm features.

  • UV26

    UV™26 is a positive DUV photoresist with low viscosity, developed for deep implant lithographic applications.

  • UVN 2300

    UVN™ 2300 resist is a negative, low-temperature KrF photoresist for mid-implant and/or Cell open applications.