E-Beam Resists

  • PMMA/Copolymer

    PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a versatile polymeric material that is well suited for many imaging and non-imaging microelectronic applications. PMMA is most commonly used as a high resolution positive resist for direct write e-beam as well as x-ray and deep UV microlithographic processes. PMMA is also used as a protective coating for wafer thinning, as a bonding adhesive and as a sacrificial layer.

  • UVN30

    UVN30 is a negative-tone photoresist for DUV, X-ray, and e-beam applications. This resist is targeted for fast throughput device production rules down to 150 nm. Nested lines/spaces, isolated lines, posts, and contacts can be resolved with wide process windows. Minimal PEB sensitivity, insensitivity to airborne contaminants, and superior metal etch resistance are only some of the properties UVN30 offers. Recommended substrates include polysilicon, 300Å capped SiON, and Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials’ organic anti-reflection coating. UVN30 has been optimized for 0.26N developers.

  • ma-N 2400

    Negative Tone Photoresist Series - E-Beam and Deep UV Sensitive.