High Resolution

  • PMMA

    PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a versatile polymeric material that is well suited for many imaging and non-imaging microelectronic applications. PMMA is most commonly used as a high resolution positive resist for direct write e-beam as well as x-ray and deep UV microlithographic processes. PMMA is also used as a protective coating for wafer thinning, as a bonding adhesive and as a sacrificial layer.

  • SPR 660

    SPR660 is an advanced i-Line photoresist designed for processing 0.350 micron features and larger. SPR660 performs in both line/space and contact hole applications and on a variety of substrates, including silicon, silicon dioxide, titanium nitride, and organic anti-reflectant coatings. The SPR660 product family includes a range of undyed dilutions as well as two dye loadings (low and medium) for improved processing over reflective surfaces.

  • SPR 955 CM

    MEGAPOSIT™ SPR™955-CM Series Photoresist is a general purpose, high-throughput, i-Line photoresist for 0.35 µm frontend and backend applications.

  • MCPRis124MG

    MCPRis124MG is an advanced thick photoresist designed for processing Mid-Critical and BEOL features.MCPRis124MG offers very high throughput for mid-thick to thick applications. It performs well in Line/Space and Trench applications from 1um upto 50um feature sizes and works well on a variety of substrates, including Silicon, Silicon-Dioxide, Nitride (SiN), and reflective Polysilicon/Metalsubstrates. MCPRis124MG offers good resolution with very good feature profiles for Line/Space, & Trench applications, and achieves a very high aspect ratio. MCPRis124MG performs well with DryEtch, Wet Etch, and Implant processes, and can be used as a consolidation photoresist. The MCPRis124MG product family is also PFOS/PFOA free.

  • Ultra i-123

    Ultra-I 123 is an advanced, general purpose 250nm critical i-line photoresist with extendibility to 230nm and below.