Lift-off Resists
    Metal Deposition Processing

    Material Attributes:

    • Won't intermix when over-coated with most imaging resists
    • High thermal stability: Tg ~ 195oC
    • Single step development of bi-layer stack in TMAH or KOH developers
    • Removes quickly and cleanly in conventional resist strippers
    • Enables sub 0.25µm micron bi-layer resist imaging
    • Enables high yield, very thick (>3µm) metal lift-off processing


    • Data strage
    • III-V Semiconductors
    • Optoelectronics
  • UniLOR N

    UniLORTM N is a negative-tone, chemically amplified proprietary co-polymer resist for use in UV lithography processing of semiconductors, MEMS and other nanofabricated structures. It is available in three standard viscosities and provides wall profile adjustability and high thermal stability across film thicknesses ranging from 1 to 5 μm in a single coat. Ideally suited for lift-off applications, it is easily removable and compatible with a range of TMAH developers.