• S1800 G2

    Microposit S1800 G2 Series Photoresists are positive photoresist systems engineered to satisfy the microelectronics industry's requirements for advanced IC device fabrication. The system has been engineered using a toxicologically safer alternative casting solvent to the ethylene glycol derived ether acetates. The dyed photoresist versions are recommended to minimize notching and maintain linewidth control when processing on highly reflective substrates.

  • SPR 220

    SPR220 i-Line photoresist is a general-purpose, multiwavelength resist designed to cover a wide range of film thicknesses, 1–30 μm, with a single-coat process. SPR220 also has excellent adhesion and plating characteristics, which make it ideal for such thick film applications as MEMs and bump processes.

  • PMMA

    PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a versatile polymeric material that is well suited for many imaging and non-imaging microelectronic applications. PMMA is most commonly used as a high resolution positive resist for direct write e-beam as well as x-ray and deep UV microlithographic processes. PMMA is also used as a protective coating for wafer thinning, as a bonding adhesive and as a sacrificial layer.

  • SPR 3000

    Megaposit SPR3000 Series Photoresist is a positive photoresist engineered for i-line, g-line and broadband applications with high throughput and excellent process latitudes. The resist is optimised to provide maximum performance with robust process latitudes over a wide range of exposure wavelengths. This versatility makes it ideally suited for a number of applications, especially mix and match lithography.

  • SPR 3600

    Megaposit SPR3600 i-line Series Photoresist is a positive photoresist designed for very high throughput process requirements while still delivering excellent lithographic performance coupled with a very good wet etch and thermal stability.

    The Megaposit SPR3600 i-line Series Photoresist, also processes multi-wavelength capabilities and is an ideal cross over photoresist allowing mix and match capability.

    The Megaposit SPR3600 i-line Series Photoresist, shows good performance on line and space and contact hole applications, it also has a complimentary range of L and M dyed products which are ideal for reflective substrates. The dilutions available for SPR3600 allow it to cover resist thickness requirements from 1 micron up to 4 micron allowing a single resist family to meet all the process requirements.

  • SPR 500A

    Megaposit SPR500A Series photoresist is a high performance production i-line system designed to meet the requirements of advanced device fabrication, such as those associated with 4-16 megabyte DRAM production.

  • SPR 350

    SPR350 is an advanced mid-critical photoresist designed to give high throughput. SPR350 is developed as a multi-wavelength, all purpose photoresist ideal for mix and match applications. The SPR350 product family can be used for Line/Space and Contact Hole applications on a variety of substrates, including Silicon, Silicon-Dioxide, Nitride (SiN),and reflective Polysilicon/Metal substrates. The SPR350 product family is PFOS free and is available in both dyed and un-dyed versions. It offers excellent resolution with very good feature profiles for Line/Space, Trench, and ContactHole applications. SPR350 also performs well with Dry Etch,Wet Etch, and Implant processes, and can be used as a consolidation photoresist.

  • SPR 660

    SPR660 is an advanced i-Line photoresist designed for processing 0.350 micron features and larger. SPR660 performs in both line/space and contact hole applications and on a variety of substrates, including silicon, silicon dioxide, titanium nitride, and organic anti-reflectant coatings. The SPR660 product family includes a range of undyed dilutions as well as two dye loadings (low and medium) for improved processing over reflective surfaces.

  • SPR 955 CM

    MEGAPOSIT™ SPR™955-CM Series Photoresist is a general purpose, high-throughput, i-Line photoresist for 0.35 µm frontend and backend applications.

  • Ultra i-123

    Ultra-I 123 is an advanced, general purpose 250nm critical i-line photoresist with extendibility to 230nm and below.

  • ma-P 1200G

    Resists for UV Lithography.

  • PI ma-P 1200G

    Positive Photoresists for Greyscale lithography

  • ma-P 1275

    Ultra Thick Resist for UV Lithography.

  • ma-P1275 HV

    Versatile high viscosity positive tone photoresists for microsystems technology.

  • ma-P 1200

    Versatile high viscosity positive tone photoresists for microsystems technology.

  • TempKoat P

    TempKoat™ P is a chemically amplified, positivetone, temporary resist formulated for advanced
    packaging and MEMS applications. Specifically, TempKoat™ P is capable of producing high aspect
    ratio features from thick, single coatings. The unique combination of photospeed and resolution, while maintaining excellent chemical resistance and residue- free removal, make it ideal for state-of-the-art advanced packaging. TempKoat™ P 20 is the first dilution available in the TempKoat™ P series.