Removers and Strippers

  • Remover 1165

    MICROPOSIT Remover 1165 is a high-quality Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials product for stripping positive photoresist from sensitive substrates. It requires no intermediate rinse and is fully miscible in water. It can be used in either wet bench or spray tool applications.

  • Remover PG

    REMOVER PG is a proprietary NMP based solvent stripper designed for efficient and complete removal of PMGI, PMMA, SU-8, and other resist films on Si, SiO2, GaAs, and many other substrate surfaces. It may also be used as a lift-off solvent.


    • Compatible with automated lift-off equipment
    • Clean, scum-free removal
    • Universal remover/stripper for removal of all resist films
    • Room temperature processing
    • No chlorinated or fluorinated hydrocarbons
  • Nanostrip

    Nano-Strip® is a stabilized formulation of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide compounds. It removes positive and nega­tive resists and other organic materials used in various applica­tions of semiconductor photolithography. It contains high purity reagents required for high yield semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Remover 1112A

    Microposit 1112A is an aqueous alkaline remover supplied as a ready to use concentrate or for use in formulating custom dilutions. It is designed to strip photoresist coatings on photomasks, optoelectronic displays, thin film circuits, and other microelectronic devices. For a significant number of applications, the less concentrated Microposit Remover 111A may be desired.

  • SVC 14

    SVC-14 is a highly effective‚ positive photoresist stripper formulation‚ developed by Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials to remove bulk photoresist. SVC-14 is compatible with immersion and spray process tools. This non NMP formulation delivers improved performance on the removing of hard baked, ion implanted, deep UV baked resist and is excellent for metal lift-off. SVC-14 is free from organic acids/bases and ideal for GaAs semiconductors and optoelectronic devices that contain group III-V metals.