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Nano EBR PG is specifically formulated to quickly and cleanly remove edge beads that build-up during the spin coat process. Edge bead removal is performed immediately after spin coat by directing a stream of EBR PG near the edge of the wafer while it is spinning. The edge bead remover nozzle can be positioned near the wafer’s edge to dispense EBR PG from the top or from the backside/bottom. 

Pack Sizes and Applications:



  • SU-8
  • G-Line, I-Line and DUV resists
  • PMGI & LOR
  • PMMA and copolymer

Material Attributes:

  • Nano EBR PG permits the use of single edge bead remover
  • It offers reduced disposal costs
  • It has Low dispense volumes
  • It has excellent properties for spin bowl and equipment clean