Electrolytic Nickel and Gold

  • Nikal PC-3 Datasheet.pdf

    NIKALTM PC-3 Additive is a single additive designed to reduce internal stress in Watts or
    Sulfamate Nickel solutions. The deposits produced are bright and ductile with a slight
    tendency to levelling. The process can be used in Rack, Barrel and High-Speed applications
    for plating all types of Electronic Components e.g. Printed Circuit Boards and Connectors, and
    for Electroforming. The deposits have excellent receptivity to over plating with gold etc.

  • Ronovel CM97

    RONOVEL™ CM-97 is a mildly acidic, cobalt-alloyed gold plating process designed to provide bright deposits free of burning at high current densities in electronic finishing applications.

  • Ronovel N

    RONOVEL™ N is a mildly acidic, nickel-alloyed gold plating process providing continuous selective plating of electrical contacts with maximum current density, reduced porosity, increased throwing power, and excellent metal distribution.

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  • Aurolectroless SMT Datasheet.pdf

    AUROLECTROLESS SMT Immersion Gold is designed to produce a uniform fine-grained
    deposit of soft pure gold on metallic substrates like copper, nickel and palladium. The
    plating solution exhibits excellent pH stability and has high tolerance to metallic
    contamination. The deposits are solderable and when applied over nickel are also
    aluminum wire bondable.

  • Aurolectroless SMT 520

    AUROLECTROLESS™ SMT 520 Immersion Gold bath produces uniform fine-grained deposits of pure gold on metallic substrates including electroless nickel and electroless palladium. The AUROLECTROLESS™ SMT 520 Immersion Gold bath is easy to control and has high tolerance to contaminants. Applied as part of ENIG or ENEPIG processes, the deposits are suitable for a wide variety of soldering and wire bonding applications.

  • Circuposit Etch 3330 Datasheet.pdf

    CIRCUPOSIT™ ETCH 3330 is a mildly acidic micro-etch that promotes excellent copper innerlayer adhesion, and creates baths that are stable and active for very long periods of time with consistent etch rates.

  • Duraposit SMT 810 Electroless Nickel

    DURAPOSITTM SMT 810 is an electroless nickel system specifically formulated for use in combination with AUROLECTROLESS Immersion Gold. DURAPOSIT SMT 810 combined with AUROLECTROLESS SMT 520 Plating has excellent corrosion resistance and solderability, which is maintained at both high and low bath loading and throughout the solution life. The self-adjusting pH feature simplifies bath operation and makes the process ideal for use with Dow Electronic Materials automatic bath control systems.

  • Duraposit SMT 88 Datasheet.pdf

    Duraposit™ SMT 88 is an electroless nickel system specifically formulated for use in combination with Aurolectroless immersion gold baths. Duraposit SMT 88 produces a bright uniform ENIG deposit on properly prepared PWB substrates.

  • Pallamerse SMT 2000 Datasheet.pdf

    PALLAMERSE™ SMT 2000 PALLADIUM PROCESS is an improved process to coat printed circuit boards with palladium for subsequent SMT assembly applications, and is capable of autocatalytic deposition of palladium-phosphorus coatings on either copper or nickel.

  • Ronaclean EVP 209 Acid Cleaner Datasheet.pdf

    RONACLEAN EVP-209 Acid Cleaner is specially designed for removing residues left after developing aqueous, alkali strippable dry films

  • Ronamerse SMT Catalyst CF Datasheet.pdf

    RONAMERSE™ SMT CATALYST CF is a catalyst designed for activation of copper printed circuit boards to ensure that complete and uniform coating of Duraposit SMT 88 is produced, while not coating non-conductive area

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