Non Photoactive Front Protect

  • FSC Surface Coating

    Microposit FSC Surface Coating is a non-imageable coating formulated as a protective coating for use during chemical or mechanical processes in microelectronic fabrication. The system has been formulated with a single solvent. It does not contain xylene,acetone or cellosolve acetate

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PMGI Lift Off Resists

  • LOL 1000/2000

    Microposit LOL 1000/2000 Lift-off layer is an enhanced dissolution rate, dyed PMGI solution used for lift-off processes requiring tight CD control, such as GMR thin film head, gallium arsenide, and other leading-edge semiconductor applications. The LOL bilayer lift-off process is suitable for applications where a thin layer of metal is sputtered or evaporated in an additive process. CD variation due to etch bias inherent in subtractive processes is eliminated, resulting in superior metal line width control. Attack on the substrate by the etchant is eliminated.

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MIB Developers

  • Microposit 303A

    Microposit 303A Developer is an aqueous alkaline solution. It is suitable for all general microelectronic applications

  • Microposit 351

    Microposit 351 Developer is an aqueous alkaline solution for commercially available positive resists such as S1800 Series Photoresist systems. It has been optimised for wafer fabrication and other microelectronic applications for which high speed and resolution are required.

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MIF Developers

  • MF CD 26 Developer

    MICROPOSIT MF CD-26 Developer is a 0.26N Surfactant Free product that offers high Photospeed and improved processing latitude for Conventional and Advanced Photoresists. MF CD-26 is effective across various resist technologies including g/h/i line, KrF and ArF. MF CD-26 is a TMAH based Developer designed to be Metal Ion Free to avoid potential sources of Metal Ion Contamination.MF CD-26 works well in Spray, Spray-Puddle, and Immersion processes.

  • MF-20 Series Developer

    MEGAPOSIT MF-20A series Developers are surfactant containing developers, designed to provide improved process latitude for both conventional and advanced resists over a wide range of developer normalities.

  • MF-300 Series Developer

    MICROPOSIT MF-300 series Developer has a range of products in the family that offer high photospeed and good processing latitude for high density device fabrication. This TMAH based Developer is compatible with conventional novolac based positive photo resist systems. MICROPOSIT MF-300 series developers are specifically formulated to work with a wide range of Rohm & Haas positive photo resists including MICROPOSIT S1800 and MICROPOSIT SPR3000 series photo resists. If unexposed resist loss (URL) is desired then MICROPOSIT MF-319 should be used. If a higher throughput process is desired MICROPOSIT MF-322 is recommended for use on in-line track systems or immersion processing equipment.

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  • Remover 1165

    MICROPOSIT Remover 1165 is a high-quality Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials product for stripping positive photoresist from sensitive substrates. It requires no intermediate rinse and is fully miscible in water. It can be used in either wet bench or spray tool applications

  • Remover 1112A

    Microposit 1112A is an aqueous alkaline remover supplied as a ready to use concentrate or for use in formulating custom dilutions. It is designed to strip photoresist coatings on photomasks, optoelectronic displays, thin film circuits, and other microelectronic devices. For a significant number of  applications, the less concentrated Microposit Remover 111A may be desired.

  • SVC 14

    SVC-14 is a highly effective positive photoresist stripper formulation developed by Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials to remove bulk photoresist. SVC-14 is compatible with immersion and spray process tools. This non NMP formulation delivers improved performance on the removing of hard baked, ion implanted, deep UV baked resist and is excellent for metal lift-off. SVC-14 is free from organic acids/bases and ideal for GaAs semiconductors and optoelectronic devices that contain group III-V metals.

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EBR Solvent, Pre-wet, Remover

  • EC Solvent 11

    Microposit EC solvent 11 is engineered to eliminate the photoresist edge bead that occurs during typical spin coat wafer processing.

    Removing the edge bead immediately after photoresist coating reduces the particulate associated defects caused by subsequent wafer processing.

    Microposit EC Solvent 11 can also be used to clean and purge photoresist dispense lines and spinner cup bowls.

  • EC Solvent

    Microposit EC Solvent is part of the Microposit Positive Photoresist System and is optimised to satisfy industry requirements in advanced IC device fabrication. It offers significantly reduced health risk over commonly used resist solvent systems.

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