Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc.

Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. develops and manufactures speciality chemicals including photoresists, optical dyes and ancillary materials for MEMS, Microelectronics, Advanced Lithography, Speciality Displays, Packaging, Optoelectronics and other dynamic technology markets.

Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. delivers the speed, responsiveness, and solutions of an entrepreneurial organization, while backed by the experience, wisdom, and market knowledge of a company that has spent decades as a global leader. Together with our collaborative approach, this provides you with a unique combination of customized solutions, scalability, and corporate strength. From product inception onward, Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. can get
you across the finish line—and then give you the tools to push into large scale production, and beyond.

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Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. Products

  • SU-8 and KMPR® Permanent Photo-patternable Epoxies

  • PMGI/LOR/UNILOR Bi-layer Lift-off Resists

  • PMMA/Copolymer E-beam Resists

  • PriElex® Jettable Polymeric Materials

  • Ancillaries

  • PermiNex® 1000 and 2000 Series Photo-patternable Wafer Bonding Adhesives

  • KMSF® Low Stress Dielectric

  • Plating Resists