PermiNex® 1000 and 2000 resist series

Photoimageable Wafer Bonding Adhesives for Permanent and Nonhermetic Applications

Material attributes:
• Negative tone, photoimageable resists
• Alkaline and solvent developable series
• i-line imaging, up to 3:1 aspect ratio
• Low temperature processing (< 200⁰C)
• High quality, void-free bonding
• Excellent adhesion to silicon and glass

• Definition and capping of cavity structures
• BAW and SAW devices
• MEMS, MOEMS, microfluidics devices

Resolution Capability

5µm features in 15µm thick PermiNex® 1000
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials

Bonding Capability


Test cavity structures  Adhesive cavity wall

Si to Glass bonded wafers, 10µm thick PermiNex® adhesive structure
Source: Kayaku Advanced Materials

PermiNex® 1000 and 2000 Series

  • KAM-Perminex®-1000-Datasheet-5.20.pdf
  • KAM-Perminex2000-12.16-Datasheet.pdf
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