Mercene Labs

Prototype lab-on-chips

Ever been frustrated by silicone rubber prototypes that are difficult to handle and absorb proteins and swell during use? Mercene Labs developed the OSTEMER resins to rapidly manufacture hard and chemically resistant chips with the look and feel of thermoplastics but that can be easily integrated and bonded with almost any material without plasma treatment, glue or adhesives. The first polymer specifically developed for lab-on-chips.
There are OSTEMER resins that can be casted, injection molded, nano-imprinted or photo-patterned. It is even possible to scale up manufacturing to a volume process called reaction injection molding (RIM). Mercene Labs developed the OSTEMER resins for researchers and product developers that did not want to rely on expensive and time-consuming thermoplastic prototyping for building realistic user-ready devices. Today these resins are used by hundreds of researchers worldwide for academic research and for product development.

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Ostemer Products

  • Ostemer 322 Crystal Clear
    Ostemer 322 Crystal Clear
  • Ostemer 324 Flex
    Ostemer 324 Flex
  • Ostemer 220 Litho
    Ostemer 220 Litho