Negative Photoresists

  • Negative Photoresists
  • ma-N-400-ma-N-1400-series_PI_ma-N_400_1400_2015.pdf

    ma-N 400 and ma-N 1400 - Negative Tone Photoresists. Conventional Pattern Transfer and Single-Layer Lift-Off
    Unique features
    High wet and dry etch resistance
    Good thermal stability of the resist pattern
    Tunable pattern profile: vertical to undercut
    Aqueous alkaline development
    Easy to remove
    Resists available in a variety of viscosities

  • ma-N-2400-mr-EBL-6000-series_PI_ma-N_2400_mr-EBL_6000_2015_0.pdf

    ma-N 2400 and mr-EBL 6000 - Negative Tone Photoresists for thin Film E-beam or Deep UV Lithography

  • mr-DWL-series_PI_mr_DWL_2019.pdf

    mr-DWL — Negative Tone Photoresist Series for Direct Laser Writing (DLW) @ 405 nm & Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP)

  • PI_EpoCore_Clad_2019_0-2.pdf

    EpoCore & EpoClad - Negative Tone Photoresist Series for manufacture of optical single-mode (SM) & multi-mode (MM) waveguides

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