Positive Photoresists

  • Positive Photoresists
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    Positive Greyscale Photoresist Series

    Positive tone photoresist series specifically designed for the requirements of greyscale lithography. An application in standard binary lithography is also possible.
    – Reduced contrast
    – Film thickness up to 60 µm and higher
    – 50 - 60 µm depth range of the patterns possible
    in greyscale lithography
    – Spectral sensitivity 350…450 nm
    – High intensity laser exposure possible without outgassing
    – Aqueous alkaline development, for greyscale lithography with TMAH based developers, for standard binary lithography also with metal ion bearing developers
    – Suitable for electroplating
    – Suitable for dry etch processes e.g. with CHF3
    , CF4, SF6
    – Suitable for pattern reflow after standard binary lithography

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