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MRT Webinar: Dry Film Photoresits from MRT
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The first "MRT Webinar - Meet the Experts" in 2024 - MRT's free online seminar series:

Micro Resist Technology GmbH is distributor of dry film resists (DFR) both of DJ Microlaminates and DuPont, suitable for advanced micro-patterning applications in micro-electronics, MEMS and wafer level packaging. DFRs are high performance, photo-imageable resist films which can be easily applied by lamination, thus allowing to coat on pre-patterned and non-wafer based substrate or where generic spin coating process is not applicable. This solvent-free manufacturing technique yields exceptional film thickness uniformity and extremely low average surface roughness, as will be introduced in general by our photoresist expert Dr. Anja Voigt.

The online event series has been offered monthly by Micro Resist Technology since 2021. Each one hour webinar consists of a presentation by one of our specialist colleagues or partner, followed by a moderated questions and answers with the specialist.

Please join us for the online seminar. More information and a constantly updated webinar agenda can be found here:

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