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MICROFILL™ THF Electrolytic Copper

MICROFILLTM THF Electrolytic Copper is designed to offer outstanding through-hole fill particularly for substrates intended for use as core layers in sequential build-up SBU applications.


  • Build-up SBU

Material Features:

  • The bath is designed for use with insoluble anodes and direct current (DC) rectification
  • Formulated to operate over a broad range of operating conditions, the bath offers end-users outstanding production flexibility in either panel or pattern plate operating modes
  • Offers through hole fill performance with a dimple depth <10um
  • Uses both mechanically and laser-drilled holes for excellent performance
  • Maintains great performance on substrates metallized with different thicknesses
  • Maintains a fill performance with dimple <10 at range of CD up to 25ASF
  • Offers good deposit properties
  • Can demonstrate brilliant filling capabilities with surface copper thickness between 15-25um
  • Its surface is free of nodules and pits
  • All bath additives are monitored by CVS
  • Fill performance with blind microvia is excellent quality