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Ronovel N

Ronovel N, a mildly acidic nickel-alloyed gold plating process, offering increased plating speed,  reduced porosity, improved wear resistance and increased throwing power.

Material Features:

  • Recommended for continuous selective plating of connector contacts and for processing all other types of electrical contacts, including printed circuit board edge tabs
  • Excellent metal distribution is also achieved under barrel plating conditions
  • Ronovel N has the highest known attainable deposition rate for any commercially available acid hard gold electrolyte
  • Compared to standard electrolytes, Ronovel N offers  increased deposition rate without the need to increase gold metal content and the option to maintain deposition rate at reduced gold concentration
  • A deposition rate of 18 μm/minute can be achieved from certain electrolytes under high-speed jet agitation conditions, which is better than current ‘best practice’ options  
  • When containing only 4 g/l gold, Ronovel N can give a deposition rate of 1 micron in 3 minutes
  • Ronovel N produces deposits that satisfy the U.S. specification ASTM B 488 Type II Grades B & C