About Us

A-Gas Electronic Materials is a Distributor, supplying specialist chemicals & processes to Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, Electronic / Industrial Metal Finishing, Photovoltaic and Advanced Packaging Technologies.

What makes us unique is the partnerships we have formed with our suppliers has given us access to a vast portfolio of innovative products. All of this is supported by a very strong (field based) technical sales team.

The A-Gas EM facility can offer competitive rates for chemical warehousing and logistics solutions. We also offer technical consultancy and lab scale R&D.

Alan Billinghurst was the founder of the company in 1994. A-Gas Electronic Materials was acquired on the 14th March 2008 by A-Gas International Ltd. A-Gas International is the leading independent global supplier of packaged and bulk refrigerants and foam blowing agents primarily to the UK, South African and Australian markets, with additional sales offices in USA, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore and China. A-Gas is also expanding into specialist gases and chemicals markets such as those served by A-Gas Electronic Materials. A-Gas brings a strong management team and financial strength to A-Gas Electronic Materials which will enable us to work with our suppliers to continue to expand our product range.

The focus of our business is to support the supply of specialist photosensitive chemicals, plating solutions & processes to customers who require imaging & plating technologies for a variety of applications and to offer a broad distribution, technical support and service network throughout the UK and Eire.