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CVS Analysis

A-Gas Electronic Materials offers a wide range of CVS equipment designed to control organic additives in the acid copper and tin/tin-lead plating baths. Used in our laboratories, it has a compact design and enables ease-of-use. Our operators can expertly handle every step of the process, and ensure perfect control of your baths.

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Titraplate 100®

The Titraplate 100® is A-Gas Electronic Materials’ multisample lab CVS capable of analysing up to 17 samples depending on the applications.

Material Attributes:

  • The additions of standard solutions and production samples is automatic, minimising the need for operator use
  • It provides fresh DI water rinse between analysis
  • It offers completely open and programmable analysis
  • Titraplate 100 is able to run different types of analysis using the same program
  • For example, it can run Carrier / Brightener / Leveler analysis on the same carrousel
  • It uses the same software as CVSmart® for control
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LineSmart 8000SC

LineSmart 8000SC is our latest generation of Online monitoring units. It automatically and continuously analyses the organic additives in electroplating baths.

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Titriplate 100® +

The Titriplate 100® + is our multi-sample lab CVS, capable of analsing up to 17 samples depending on the applications.

Material Features:

  • Titriplate 100+ has a three electrodes system
  • It offers an effective DI water shower position for the rinsing of electrodes
  • It can analyse all a customer’s organic components on the same carousel
  • Using Windows-based software, it prioritises ease-of-use
  • The file for the result automatically saves to Microsoft Excel
  • It provides automatic preparation of Intercept and Support Electrolyte solutions via its brand new 6 ports valve
  • VMS is automatically added
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LineSmart 8000

LineSmart 8000  is the latest generation of CVS devices. It automatically and continuously  analyses the organic additives in electroplating baths.

Material features:

  • Linesmart 8000 is an all-in-one piece of equipment with a three-electrodes system, pumps, autodosing syringe units and valve
  • The unit is fully controlled by PC and PLC, which removes the need for operators to constantly check the CVS
  • Ist ability to be linked to the line PLC allows users to get the most out of additive replenishments
  • It can analyse organic additives as well as copper, sulphuric acid and chloride directly from the plating line
  • Ist display screen immediately shows results from the Carrier, Brightener and Leveler of the plating bath
  • It minimises waste during the plating bath analysis process
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